M-Tech is supporting work in various units within the building industry. A beautiful architecture and visual aspects are in the Building trade more and more important and are increasingly carried out in stainless steel. The big advantage of the material is that it is maintenance-free and is timeless. Constructions and applications are not only strong, functional and safe, but are also an eye-catching interior product. You can call us for all questions regarding the processing of stainless steel, normal steel parts and aluminium products.


For the delivery of Art, design- and lifestyle products,  M-Tech is your partner. In consultation with artists or architects, the technique and appearance of stainless steel and aluminium is going hand in hand with beauty and functionality. Examples are;  facade decoration and plating, table supports, furniture, fireplace hack, railings, balcony fences, door handles, sills, kerbs, canopies,  shot lists, floor slabs, pillars and billboards. The used metals are extremely suitable for shop fittings, home decoration, stairways, entrances and shopping malls. Also Interior shop-architects and interior designers make use of our expertise. For the calculations, engineering, technical drawings and installation, M-Tech is the right choice.


M-Tech works with various metals in the form of staff and around metal, perforated plate, angle profiles, beams and plates in various dimensions. Aluminium can be anodized (a surface treatment which the metal is covered with an artificial oxide layer) and coated, providing it with a sustainable character.
We supply steel products to various industries. The actions that we do, include laser cutting, punching, bending, cutting, turning, milling, drilling and welding.  These constructions can also be powder coated or a wet paint finish, in various RAL colors. Through good cooperation with various powder coat-companies, you can also think of special coatings as gavel and graffiti proof coating.


Flexible 2-Lane screwdenester/buffer

Newly developed screwdenester/buffer for 2-lane packaging lines.


M-Tech innovation; double lane lid applicator

Now available for double lane packaging lines: The new V-Tech Line Lidder


New: Flexible hamburger packing line 2016


New snacks production line for the US


Earlier news flashes from M-Tech


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