The things that matter at M-Tech:

  • Technical innovation; the development of new products and applications through research into, and the use of, new technologies.
  • Optimal design; for a high level of reliability and hygiene.
  • Functionality; the right capacities tailor-made to the requested processes and products to be processed.
  • High-quality materials; using the required materials for the sector and optimal resistance to corrosion.
  • Operator- machine interface; modern operating systems, PC/PLC technology, operator interfaces and synchronisation/communication with existing in-line processing equipment.
  • Problem solving; making sure that the right knowledge and skills are used for support and an adequate focus on finding solutions for the customer.

Goal:     Quality !   ->  To be a high-quality and valued partner for our

                                    customers now and in the future!

M-Tech has a wide variety of products for (laser) cutting, setting, punching, welding, maintenance and also for storage tanks, heat exchangers, processing tanks, equipment, machines, sheet-metalwork, conveyor belts, screw conveyors or installation work.All our products are tailor-made to meet your specifications and, if you wish, can be assembled.
M-Tech offers the best value for money as regards maintenance or repair work on your existing installations or the manufacture of a completely new product.
Many of our products are designed in our own engineering department.
This department has a reputation for being:


  • Innovative
  • Specialised
  • Cost-price aware
  • Experienced
  • Qualified


Flexible 2-Lane screwdenester/buffer

Newly developed screwdenester/buffer for 2-lane packaging lines.


M-Tech innovation; double lane lid applicator

Now available for double lane packaging lines: The new V-Tech Line Lidder


New: Flexible hamburger packing line 2016


New snacks production line for the US


Earlier news flashes from M-Tech


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