Our experienced sheet-metal workers have the knowledge and experience to manufacture even the most challenging products.
These are products with high tolerances which require precise finishing. From a drawing, a sketch or an example… M-Tech is a magician when it comes to sheet-metal work. We can process every standard sort of sheet material: steel, rustproof steel, aluminium and plastic. The services we offer include (laser) cutting, setting, rolling, bending, welding and polishing. Our range of products of course includes all the standard finishing methods.


At M-Tech we can also process Polycarbonate sheet or plates into various shapes, by line bending (or strip heating) or machining. This up to a thickness of 10 mm.  Polycarbonate plates are also known as Lexan or Maklolon sheet.



Installation work
M-Tech designs small and medium sized installations according to customer specifications which are then used to store, transport, heat and mix all the necessary raw materials for your production process. As an all-round company we are able to integrate our installations into existing production or transport lines
Construction work
In the M-Tech workshop, specialised and experienced staff create an extremely wide range of products. These vary from load-bearing constructions to pipe or duct platforms, to stairs or complete bridges. In consultation with the customer, almost anything is possible.


Flexible 2-Lane screwdenester/buffer

Newly developed screwdenester/buffer for 2-lane packaging lines.


M-Tech innovation; double lane lid applicator

Now available for double lane packaging lines: The new V-Tech Line Lidder


New: Flexible hamburger packing line 2016


New snacks production line for the US


Earlier news flashes from M-Tech


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