M-Tech specialists can carry out (preventive) maintenance on your installation so that it stays in perfect condition, generates high productivity and efficiency and therefore an optimal operating result and a maximum return on your investment.


M-Tech can make tailor-made maintenance arrangements with your maintenance department for predetermined rates and partial/complete overhaul based on a detailed inspection.



Before the overhaul, the M-Tech specialists will visit your company and inspect your entire installation, with special attention being paid to the safety components, the moving parts and the controls. After the overhaul your installation will be made ready for operations again. This overhaul can take place either at your premises or in our workshop.
The issues dealt with include:
  • Meticulous cleaning.
  • Replacing or overhauling electric motors and servomotors.
  • Checking and replacing any cylinders, chains, belts, bearings and other worn parts.
  • Replacing wiring, initiators, photocells, relays and control components.
  • Carrying out a full test after the overhaul.


You can also opt for an in-depth overhaul. After all, far-reaching developments and customer demands mean you have to respond promptly to such changes. You can even opt to adapt your installation to these changed circumstances and ask M-Tech to provide your installation with a ‘Retro-fit’. Your machine will be equipped with the latest innovations and also restored to its original condition. You will then benefit from the latest technical developments.
These could include:
  • Adapting in order to process other packaging types, dimensions and depths and material changes.
  • Fitting or changing buffers or magazines.
  • Adapting or expanding (safety) detection mechanisms and operating software.
  • Including of additional activities such as weighing, stacking, labelling , etc.


We can also provide your installation with a modem, to enabele M-Tech specialists for a rapid reaction and insight into the controls and behavior of your machine.



Flexible 2-Lane screwdenester/buffer

Newly developed screwdenester/buffer for 2-lane packaging lines.


M-Tech innovation; double lane lid applicator

Now available for double lane packaging lines: The new V-Tech Line Lidder


New: Flexible hamburger packing line 2016


New snacks production line for the US


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