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M-Tech provides packaging lines for America   2015


A major international manufacturer in the field of ' Healthcare ' products, has requested M-Tech to develop a new packaging line. M-Tech has accepted this challenge and this line is then entirely designed and built within M-Tech.


It concerns a full transport and product loading system for healthcare products. In this line are a number of packing stations located.

Two of these stations are fully automatic flexible product loaders and

a manual packing station. This makes the manufacturer capable to operate very flexible on the basis of market demand. The new fully automatic shuttle loaders, for filling the tubs, are entirety in house developed and tested before sending to America.



M-Tech in 2016 will introduce this all-new high speed product loaders in Europe for the food industry. These units are great for flexible packaging of sliced cheese or meat or fresh meat (ground beef, burgers, chops) in various variants. You can think of single layer-or more layer packages or shingled/stacked products, suitable for various branches.



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New flexible screwdenester  2015


For a better response to the increasing demand for fast, reliable and flexible production with multiple tray formats, M-Tech has renewed its ‘stand-alone’ screw denester. This screw denester is characterized by its robust design in stainless steel and the use of four unique flexible dispenser screws, which are directly powered by servo drives !

By implementing these direct drives, no longer use is made of polluting and grease/wear sensitive gear transmissions, timing belts or chain drives. The very flexible dispenser screws are mounted directly on the shaft of the servo motor making it silently and very reliable.


This denester is very mobile, equipped with a touch screen for the various settings and easy to locate at the head or the side of a production line.



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M-Tech expands its product portfolio of V-Tech Line packaging machines.  2015


Over the past years, M-Tech expanded its portfolio of packaging machines. New to the market is the compact tray denester/product loader. This machine is the larger execution of the previously developed Basic Denester/Loader, VTBasicPL. Both machines are ideal for production environments with limited space.


These lines are combining tray denesting and product loading into one compact machine. The Basic machine has a capacity of up to 20-25 trays per minute. The next to larger Edition of this machine, the VT80HPL, has a capacity up to more than 50 packs per minute.


Both machines can be supplied in several variants, depending on your line Setup. These machines can also be performed using UV-C lighting for a longer shelf life of your product.


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M-Tech delivers production lines international       2015

Following the successful delivery of two production lines for Pringles potato chips in Poland, M-Tech has received a new large order to supply another new production line.


This production line takes care of the transport of potato chips coming from the fryer to the packaging machines. This covers also the cooling of the chips as well as salting. The line is executed with a high speed wire mesh belts and vibrating lanes, including an in-line cleaning system and chips recycle system.


In addition, the line is equipped with a seasoning (herb supply and recycling) system, hosted on multiple floors. Eventually, the chips are distributed among a number of packaging machines.
This line will be placed in Poland and is expected to be installed by mid-2016. 


In this way, M-Tech works further to her international reputation of manufacturer of process equipment for the food industry.


For more information T- +31 76 549 7870 info@mtechbreda.nl





M-Tech waste recycling


M-Tech provides a bulk waste reception bunker for food waste disposal, supermarket returns and factory bulk loads.


On request of a large processor of food waste, M-Tech has been asked to build a large bulk reception bunker for one of its locations. This bunker is meant to receive bulk loads of recyclable wastes from supermarkets, food companies and other suppliers. The fully stainless steel bunker is equipped with jacks which transport the product and packaging materials and distributes it into the respective production line.


In addition, the bunker is executed with liquid extraction points and a platform to process also barrels and containers. The received product is finally processed into Biodiesel. The unit has now been put into operation.


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M-Tech launches new packing line                                                                                                          

For 2013 has M-Tech developed a new packing line for de food industry.
In the launch of this new packing line is also the new design of the V-Tech Line introduced.

The new design is characterised by a good accessibility, flexibility, improved adjustment possibilities and sanitary design. Particularly the production floor and base of the machines are better accessible for a good and fast cleaning.

The accessibility of the denester has enormously increased by the simple construction of the safety covers, as a result of which the security windows are very simple remove without using tools. Allowing a very high accessibility during cleaning or maintenance. The denester is also provided with a large slide-door.

Multi functionality
The represented production line is suitable for packing several formats packing and products, for example 500 gram minced meat up to 2.5 kilogramme fresh meat in ½ GN trays. The height of the product loader conveyor can simple be adjusted by spindles. Furthermore is this production line completed with a lane divider unit which has also been executed as a turning station.
This line execution provides double lane topseal machines with small trays and allows also ½ GN trays to be turned by 90 before entering the topsealer in single lane.
The product belt of the product loader can optionally be executed with UV-C disinfection lighting, for a longer product shelf life and/or higher efficiency by longer production runs before cleaning.
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M-Tech builds new hydraulic installation for oil and fat recycling      


For a large oil recycling company in the western part of Holland, is M-Tech building a new oil reception tank. This new oil heating and refining unit is situated in a new production hall, together with two existing units.

The recycling tank receives its oil and fats from collection trucks, which pick up the recyclable oils and fats at the various clients. The containers and barrels are unloaded on the hydraulic floor and if necessary, the entire floor can be lowered into the heated basin, melting the fats and oils.


The receiving tank is heated by steam. Also complete containers of 2x20 tons of fat can be unloaded on the hydraulic Floor. The unit has capacity of approx. 60 tons. The unit is developed in close cooperation with an engineering bureau and the hydraulic installation is produced by a renowned hydraulic company.


The products from this unit find, among others, their way to the Biodiesel factory.


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New herbs dosing system 


With the order of a well-known snacks manufacturer for seasoning their products with the finest herbs,
M-Tech picked up the challenge to install this new technology in the Belgian production plant.

Together with its partners and the customer, a ' seasoning dosing system ' was developed, which applies the snacks accurately with spices and flavourings. The 6 dosing systems are completely interchangeable and can easily be brought in and out of the production line. At change of flavour, the units can be easier taken out and set aside the production line for cleaning. This gives the manufacturer a higher degree of flexibility in the planning and production progress.

The total system consists of:


  • 6 dosing units
  • 4 corresponding frames
  • 6 lifting units
  • 6 transport vehicles
  • 1 mobile frame


The dosing systems are constructed in such way that via various settings the flavours can be added very accurate, which gives an even higher product quality.
The total system is installed and satisfactorily taken into production.


For more information:
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New packaging machine from M-Tech            


M-Tech has developed for the food industry a very compact packaging machine by combining a tray denester with a very compact product loader.

The new machine is executed with integrated UV-C disinfection light for increased shelf life of the fresh products. The VT basic PL is very suitable for packing products in tray's to a capacity of approximately
20-30 packs/minute.

The floor space is limited to approximately 1 m² (1200 x 700 mm) and the machine can also be delivered in mobile execution. The VT Basic PL denester/product loader may very well be combined with a medium-sized portioner or slicer.

Impression VT Basic PL 2-2

In several versions available:


  • Integrated UV-C disinfection lighting.
  • Single track or doublétrack buffer for longer buffer time.
  • Adjustable for 2 tray heights.
  • Denester unit interchangeable for other tray formats.


Suitable for various types of materials and tray's.
Products : Fresh Meat, Cheese, Fish, Chicken, etc.

Ask also for our universal screwdenester.
Denests almost any type of tray, adjustable in a few minutes without any tools.
Can be executed with large driven flexible tray buffer.

For more information: 
T: + 31(0)76 549 7870    E:  info@vtechholland.com

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Flexible 2-Lane screwdenester/buffer

Newly developed screwdenester/buffer for 2-lane packaging lines.


M-Tech innovation; double lane lid applicator

Now available for double lane packaging lines: The new V-Tech Line Lidder


New: Flexible hamburger packing line 2016


New snacks production line for the US


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